Fresh Eggs Vs. Frozen Eggs: Which Is Better?

Before discussing which is better to use, fresh donor eggs or frozen, we need to define the differences between them. This will help you understand not only which option offers better chances of having a baby but also why this … Continue reading

How to Tell Your Child You Used an Egg Donor

Many couples who have successfully given birth by using the assistance of an egg donor struggle with disclosing this information to even their closest friends and relatives. Telling your child is even harder. The following tips should help you do … Continue reading

How to ‘Embrace Your Now’ When Going through Egg Donation

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Is Egg Donation Right for Me? Defining Your Priorities

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Improving Your Fertility. Does Exercising Help?

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Egg Donation in Japan

Egg donation in Japan is relatively new.  Prior to 2015, only 24 cases of babies born through egg donation had been identified.  The donors were all friends or relatives.   These do not account for the cases of Japanese parents going … Continue reading

Chinese Egg Donors in China: Why some couples match with donors in China

Recently, China suspended its over thirty-five year policy of permitting just one child per family to allow couples to have a second child.  This change was due to economic reasons; labor shortage and large aging population.  Many policy experts foresaw … Continue reading

Finding your ‘Why’ as an Asian Egg Donor

Egg donation is a wonderful thing to do, and provides the opportunity for parenthood to many individuals who might not otherwise have that gift.  For the donor, it leaves a feeling of having deeply given back to society and helping … Continue reading

Coping with Infertility: Think of the Positive

What’s there to be positive about? Infertility is a physical and emotional trial on any couple and the level of distress it causes can in some cases be compared to that of cancer patients or those suffering from clinical depression. … Continue reading

A Juggling Act: Balancing Infertility With A Busy Life

If you are living with infertility, it can be very difficult to find the time you need to do thorough research, undergo treatments and deal with all the emotions this can raise. Not only do you need to consider the … Continue reading