Coping with Infertility: Think of the Positive

What’s there to be positive about? Infertility is a physical and emotional trial on any couple and the level of distress it causes can in some cases be compared to that of cancer patients or those suffering from clinical depression.

However, you should never forget that every challenge we face makes us stronger. From this point of view, going through infertility can build up your inner core to the point where few things would be able to scare you. Identifying these positive aspects and focusing on them will help you go through this experience and regain your emotional stability.

The positive aspects of facing this challenge are:

  • You learn to cope.

    Coping is an art that few actually master. Fertility issues force you to learn it as otherwise the stress will prevent you from succeeding with any treatment. This challenge always causes a great amount of grief, and you will go through all the five stages of grief before you can move on and progress with finding a solution for your exact problem.

    Should you face a situation where you need to cope in the future, your experience will help you get through it with a minimal amount of distress because you will have several effective coping mechanisms in place.

  • You learn to be goal-oriented.

    Infertility treatment requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline. You may need to take medications, follow a strict schedule, rearrange your entire lifestyle, and develop new habits. Your doctor will help you set goals and it will be up to you to reach them in order to progress. Later, you will be able to implement this experience in business and the solving of any problems you encounter.

  • You become healthier.

    Leading a healthy lifestyle and following a strict diet are essential components of every fertility treatment. These habits will improve your general wellbeing greatly. Keeping them will allow you to teach your child this way of life, which will definitely be very good for their health and development.

  • You become stronger together.

    The trial of infertility makes people pull together as they find strength and support in their partners. Therefore, you are sure to become more unified as a couple as your feelings towards each other will pass the hardest of tests.

  • You conflict resolution skills improve.

    There is bound to be many conflicts with your partner, and even family and friends. You will have to learn how to resolve them in a constructive manner, and this skill will help you in every aspect of life.

  • You can make good friends.

    Joining support groups and participating in various educational programs with other couples in the same position will allow you to meet numerous interesting people. Your shared experiences will bring you closer together and you may even form friendships that will last for generations.