A Juggling Act: Balancing Infertility With A Busy Life


If you are living with infertility, it can be very difficult to find the time you need to do thorough research, undergo treatments and deal with all the emotions this can raise. Not only do you need to consider the time involved in attending and following up medical appointments, you also need to consider the other pressures that infertility can cause in your life.

Infertility, and the treatments for it, can be extremely stressful for your body and your mind. As well as this, the strain that infertility can create within your relationship may be an important factor to consider. Finding ways to make life easier for yourself while you are struggling with infertility can make a great deal of difference to your stress levels – and to the outcome of your journey!

How to Manage Infertility Treatments When Your Life is Busy

1. Simplify. The first, and most important, thing that you can do to make life easier is to simplify your lifestyle to reduce stress and tension. Look at what you do that is not essential, and see where you can make changes to give yourself extra time. Don’t feel guilty about taking a break from activities that are making life stressful, just remind yourself that you are investing in yourself and your future as a family.

2. Relax. Stress is a major barrier to conception, so anything that you can do to reduce your levels of stress will increase your chances of conceiving. If you are undergoing treatments such as IVF, you will find that learning relaxation techniques and using these on a daily basis will help you to keep a healthy balance and to be aware of the importance of your state of mind.

3. Consider your work. Infertility is one of the most stressful situations for a couple to work through, and if you are working in a high-stress environment or for long hours, you may feel that you are drained of the energy you need. It’s worth having a serious discussion as a couple, if you are pursuing treatments for infertility, about whether you can afford to reduce your hours, change your job or even stop working altogether for this period of time to give yourselves the best chance of conceiving.

4. Seek support. Having a network of people around you who are willing and able to support you through this process will be very useful when you are trying to manage a number of commitments and are seeking treatments for infertility. Your friends and family will probably be delighted to help you, and you will feel much better able to cope if you have good support behind you.

Simplify Life To Reduce Stress

If your life is busy and stressful, it will be important for you to make changes wherever you can and introduce ways to relax and reduce the pressure. Letting go of stress and creating more time in your life will enable you to be committed to the process of finding a solution to your infertility and will give you a head start along the route towards becoming a family.