How to Undergo IVF Stress-Free

It can be very stressful to undergo fertility treatment, and a cycle of IVF can be intense and demanding both for your physical and mental health. It is not surprising that having IVF treatment is usually stressful, since it is something that matters so much to you and that comes after many months or even years of trying to conceive.

When you desperately want to conceive a child, and may have endured many rounds of tests, treatments and investigations, you may feel emotionally and physically drained. However, this is not a good place from which to start a round of IVF and it is vital to get yourself into a positive space before beginning a cycle in order to maximise your chances of success by keeping yourself free of stress.

Reducing Stress During IVF

1.Relax your lifestyle. Simplifying your life will help you to keep your stress levels down and stay positive during your treatment. If you are able to reduce your working hours, or even take a break or stop working altogether during this time, you will find that you can enjoy life at a slower pace and reduce the amount of stress you experience.

2.Relax your body. Learning to relax physically can be extremely beneficial at any time in your life, but when you are experiencing highly stressful times, such as when you are having treatment for infertility, it can be even more important. Taking up regular exercise, particularly in a form such as yoga or pilates which allows you to learn relaxation skills alongside toning your body, will ensure that you are in great shape for pregnancy, and the endorphins released will have you feeling great.

3.Relax your mind. Meditation is a well-known way to reduce stress levels and keep calm in day-to-day life, and this is especially useful when you are under more stress than usual. Joining a meditation class or even finding some guided relaxation exercises on CD or online will help you to learn these vital skills. Exploring new hobbies or interests can also give you new ways to relax, clear your mind and focus on positivity.

4.Relax your expectations. This time will be difficult for you and for your partner. Try not to expect too much of him or her, as they will also be feeling stressed right now. Working through the IVF process together will be much easier if you keep communicating and remember to have lots of relaxing, fun times together. Your intimate life may feel stressful if it’s been all about trying to conceive for a long time. Putting some fun and spontaneity back into your sex life can work wonders for your stress levels and overall contentment.

Reducing Stress During IVF

It’s tough to go through the demanding process of IVF, and it’s important to give yourself a break wherever possible. Try not to get bogged down in the stress of IVF procedures, and keep looking forward to the future. The relaxation skills you learn now will be an asset to you throughout your life, especially during pregnancy and parenting. And… breathe!