Coping With the Grief of a Miscarriage or Loss

Although statistics show that 1 in 3 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, for most couples the experience is devastating. Whether you have experienced miscarriage once or several times, it can come with a barrage of emotional strain and heartbreak that can feel very difficult to overcome.

There are different ways to cope with loss, and while some people will want to talk about it a lot, others may find it easier not to discuss their feelings. Whatever you find works for you is ok, but it’s important to allow yourself time to recover from this situation and to move forward in a healthy manner.

Tips for Overcoming the Grief of a Miscarriage or Loss

1.Acknowledge your loss. Allow yourself to cry, seek support through this difficult time and be gentle with yourself. If milestones are difficult for you, such as when your baby would have been due, or the anniversary of your miscarriage, try to find ways to mark these times that allow you to feel more positively about your grief. Planting a tree can be a special way to acknowledge your loss, for example.

2.Remain hopeful.If you have been trying to conceive for a long time or have had multiple losses, you may feel hopeless about conceiving a healthy pregnancy. Discuss your feelings with your doctor, who may recommend tests to rule out underlying causes, and try to keep focusing on the happy future you wish for, as this will help you to bring positivity into your life.

3.Look after yourself.As well as the emotional impact of a miscarriage, there is the physical toll on your body to cope with. Try to eat well, give your body time to recover and heal, and ensure you get a great balance of vitamins and minerals to make your body strong and healthy again.
4.Allow others to support you. Whether it is through talking with your family and friends, or sharing your feelings with your partner, it is vital to let those closest to you know how you are coping and to lean on them for support when it is needed. Remember that you would be happy to do the same for them, and you will feel better about asking for help.

Moving On After a Miscarriage or Loss

It can be very challenging to deal with miscarriage or loss, but giving yourself the time to heal and allowing yourself to process your emotions can help you to move forward positively and feel good about taking the next step along your journey towards a healthy pregnancy.