Self-Care Tips for Infertility Treatment Success

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

These words of Buddha remind us how important it is to take good care of ourselves. No matter what happens and what kind of problem you face, you should keep in mind that you deserve to be loved and your love for yourself can help you overcome life’s challenges.

From the infertility treatment point of view, taking good care of your own body can increase the chances of success significantly. Introduce a few changes in your daily routine and you’ll notice a difference in your general health condition right away. These tiny shifts in your wellbeing will bring long-term benefits that will help you conceive, carry, and give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby.
Here are some tips on how to “love” your body to facilitate your infertility treatment:

1. Start eating a healthy well-balanced diet.
Maintaining a healthy diet is essential for both partners. Try to eat some fresh fruits and vegetables every day as they provide you with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Never starve yourself because certain nutrient deficiencies can contribute to infertility. A well-balanced diet includes foods from five major groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins foods (legumes, oily fish, poultry), and dairy.

2. Learn to enjoy your meals.
Fighting stress is as important for the success of your infertility treatment as much as drugs and diet are. It’s not enough to simply change your menu to achieve the best results. You should turn every meal into an occasion for stress relief. Eat with someone you genuinely like and enjoy both food and socializing. If you can’t do this at some point, just relax and savor every bite of the delicious dish, finding pleasure in something as simple as lunch.

3. Stay hydrated at all times.
Dehydration is the enemy #1 when it comes to your health. It’s essential to start your morning with a glass of water and drink at least 7 more over the course of the day. If you find water too bland, drink fresh juices and herbal teas. However, be sure to avoid drinks that contain sugar and discuss the herbs with your doctor as some plants can interfere with fertility drugs.

4. Exercise regularly.
Aim to be physically active even if you have to spend long hours sitting in an office. A sedentary lifestyle causes circulation problems that often contribute to infertility. Therefore, exercising will definitely help your treatment. Get up and walk around the office every half an hour to stretch your legs. Walk to and from work to get some exercise when you can’t get to the gym. Practice yoga as it helps you increase your flexibility and strength.

5. Sleep well.
Sleep deprivation affects your health on many levels and can cause a great number of serious problems. You need to get 7-8 hours of sleep to have the power necessary to face the challenges of the day.
Take good care of your body and it will respond in kind by accepting fertility treatments and helping make your dream of a happy family come true.