Using The Lotus to Help You Through Infertility

Infertility is mentally and physically draining, and it’s useful to find ways to work through your stresses at this time in order to deal with the journey in the most positive way possible. One very important factor is to focus on the positive outcome that awaits you at the end of your journey, and to remember that despite the difficulties and whichever way you end up creating your family, you will eventually be able to enjoy family life and experience parenthood.

Why is the Lotus Flower Helpful in Infertility?

An image that may be useful during this time is that of the lotus flower, which is often used in relaxation and meditation practices due to its powerful influence as an emblem of purity and triumph over adversity. In Buddhism, the lotus is a symbol of potential, and represents a mind awakened. As a symbol of rising above difficult conditions and creating perfection, it is very apt for overcoming the struggles of infertility.

The lotus flower begins life underwater, in dark, murky areas that do notpromise to create beautiful life. But despite this, the lotus grows and rises above the water, which washes it clean as it reaches the surface. Each opening petal is cleansed, and the external beauty of the flower is assured. Further, the inner lotus is a symbol of utter purity, having never been contaminated by a drop of mud or dirt. The brightness and beauty that appear from within this unlikely environment are unparalleled in the natural world and can serve as a poignant reminder of the way in which great beauty can come from great struggle.

How to Use The Lotus to Stay Positive During Infertility

Using the symbol of the lotus to meditate is a great way to maintain positivity and balance throughout your experience of infertility. Here’s how:
1.Use the image. Print, draw or paint the image of the lotus and display it in a prominent place in your home. Catching sight of this positive image throughout your daily life will remind you to stay positive and focus on your goal.

2.Use guided meditation. Look for lotus meditation exercises online, or create one for yourself by writing a script that follows the process of the lotus flower through from the murky water to the beautiful flowering. Focusing on the way that the flower opens its petals to the sun and exploring the potential of new life through this image can be very helpful.

3.Utilise it in your life. Whether it is the fragrance, the image as your screensaver or the conversations you can have with family and friends as you explain the symbolism, find ways to bring the lotus into your life that will remind you of it’s potential for healing and creation, and focus on bringing this energy to bear throughout your life.

Making the Most of the Lotus Energy

Manifesting the lotus energy in your life will allow you to embrace the beauty of creation and look for the purity in all things. Cleansing your mind and body and allowing yourself to create the lotus for yourself will be a positive and nurturing experience that will become a wonderful step on your journey towards a healthy pregnancy.