About Us

About the Egg Asiancy

Welcome – and to use a wonderfully universal greeting… Namasté! We particularly like this word – because it recognizes we are one. And that’s very much what the Egg Asiancy is about. This isn’t a road that you’ll have to walk alone. We’re right beside you, and we’ll make sure that you’re supported through every part of the journey.

We’re united in the same vision and goals. Like you, we’re focused on that fantastic end result – a baby in your arms. Here’s a little more about what we do, how we do it, and what we believe in.

What We Do


We’ve got a team of amazing egg donors. We like to call them our Asiancy Angels. These fantastic women are not only intelligent, well-educated and talented in a number of different ways. They’re also dedicated to helping you – just as much as we are. Let’s hear it for the girls!

When you begin the egg donor process with us, we’ll help you find the right donor, then we’ll get started making your dream a reality.

Our Core Values

Every person involved in this process is just that… a person. We’re full of respect for you. You’re not giving up the fight to have a family. You’re here, and you’re ready to achieve your dreams.

We’re also full of admiration for our amazing donors. It’s such a big thing that they’re doing, after all! Each and every person that we work with, whether it’s an egg donor or a client, is treated with the respect, support and dedication that they deserve.

When matching donors to prospective parents, we take everything into consideration, including the specific requirements of each person, their location, their preferences, and their goals. Our aim is to ensure that each cycle is a positive experience, regardless of the outcome.

Equality for All


image1The Egg Asiancy serves all prospective parents.

We have no prejudices. We won’t deny any of our services based on race, religion, age, marital status, gender or sexual orientation. We believe that your choice to become a parent through egg donation is a private matter, and we respect that. If you’ve got the love to make a baby happy in the world, that’s the important thing!

We’re here to support you, regardless of where you’ve come from, where you are, or where you’re going in life. This is an amazing, rewarding journey, but it can be tough. Things can get emotional. That’s what we’re here for – helping you ride the difficult times and bring you closer to your goal of completing your family.

The Koi Fish Approach

Koi fish persevere in adversity. Those fish – they never give up! They’ll continue to swim upstream, no matter how tough the journey is. Believe it or not, koi fish are even said to swim up waterfalls – now that’s determination for you.

It’s hardly surprising that these inspirational creatures represent strength, purpose and good luck. They’re on a mission, and when they’ve got their eyes on the prize, there’s no stopping them.

We like to adopt the koi fish approach. We won’t quit half-way or lose interest if things aren’t immediately going well. Like you, we’re in it for the long-haul. We’re here to get results, no matter what.

According to legend, if a koi fish managed to climb the waterfall to a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, they would be transformed into a dragon. We’ll help you make it up that waterfall. We’ll get you to the top, any which way we can. And we’ll get you through that gate – to reach your goal.

Are you ready? Then so are we!