Our Philosophy

Welcome! You might be visiting this page for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re concerned about the process of egg donation, or daunted by the road that lies ahead. We understand. It can be a challenging, emotional, difficult process, and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart!
That’s why we’ve written this manifesto. It’s a useful guide – for prospective parents, egg donors and the agency, and its purpose in life is to empower us. It’s here to add fire to our bellies, to make us remember why we’re doing this, and to give us the strength, commitment and motivation to keep going ‘till the end.
We don’t just see this as your individual journey. It’s not a path you’ll have to tread alone. We’re in this as a team. Through harmonious joint-effort and collaboration, we’ll reach that fabulous final destination, and we’ll achieve the goal you’ve been dreaming of.
Are you ready? So are we! Let’s go for it…

1. We honor the process

Like all good things, the egg donation process takes time. It can’t be rushed, no matter how badly we might want to see results. The only way through it is to respect each stage. We embrace the process fully, and acknowledge each step, no matter how small. Sometimes, the journey can be quicker and easier than we thought it would be. At other times, it can be slower, trickier and more challenging. However, as the process unfolds, we’ll find beauty and blessings in each part of the journey, which helps us better appreciate the end result.

2. We live like the lotus

The lotus flower is a miraculous thing. It blooms from the mud, blossoming above the filthy surface, creating beauty where there was none before. Like the lotus, we’ll rise to the challenge. As the stem of the lotus flower pushes through the muddy barrier, we’ll grow through our experiences, overcoming adversity and learning from the obstacles we face. As the petals unfold, so too do we. We’ll rise from the murky waters of infertility, we’ll face the challenges with dogged determination, and we’ll create something beautiful.

3. We respect one another

This is an emotional process. Hormones run high. As a result, there will be times when we want to kick things, scream at the top of our voices and yell at the nearest available person. However, we always remember that we’re here to respect one another, and to show how much we value each other. After all, we’re in this together, right? Though if you want to invest in a punch-bag for personal use, please, do feel free!

4. We give it all we’ve got

When we decide to work together, 100% commitment is the only way to go. Sometimes, this can be challenging. Dragging yourself to an appointment when you’d rather watch TV, giving yourself a shot when you don’t feel like it, even trying to remain positive when you’re having a ‘down’ day can feel a lot like hard work. However, we recognize that every member of the team is counting on us. There’s no room for excuses. There’s no time to procrastinate. Let’s keep committed and let’s achieve great things.

5. We talk it through

We believe in keeping things open. You need information? We’ll provide it. You want to talk about your feelings? We’ve got a listening ear and a sympathetic heart. You’ll be hearing a lot from us during this journey, and we hope we’ll be hearing a lot from you too. We’re here to listen to your thoughts, fears and joys. If you’ve got questions or concerns, we want to know! And if you’re feeling scared, exhausted or uncertain, we want to hear about that too. Whether you’re over-the-moon or in a pit of despair, talking about your feelings is a really positive thing to do.

6. We’re healthy, happy people

In order to make this happen, we need to be healthy. We need to nourish our bodies and souls, making sure we’re in peak condition for egg retrieval, pregnancy, and of course, being parents. Trust us, you’ll need a whole lot of energy then! Asiancy Angels, we know that it can be tough saying no to that slice of cheesecake, or passing on a glass of white wine. However, remember, it’s just for a short time, and the amazing end result will make it all worthwhile.

7. We’re stronger together

It’s a fact that a single individual can change the course of another person’s life forever. We respect and value every person’s unique qualities, abilities and perspectives – but we know that as a team, we can achieve dynamite results, because we’re harnessing the power of many! We’re all collaborators in this process, and we’re focused on being team players, not seeking individual success. Working together is a blessing, and we’re grateful – together, we’ve got the strength to reach our goals.

8. Attitude is everything

We believe, with a positive attitude, we can achieve anything. We can choose to complain. We can allow our inner monologue of defeat absorb us, or we could lose ourselves in self-pity. Alternatively, we can choose a different path. We can see this as an amazing opportunity. We can stay focused on the goal, and recognize that every day, we’re one step closer to achieving it. We can celebrate the process, and thank our lucky stars that we have the chance to make miracles happen. We’re all about positivity – let’s keep our eyes firmly on the prize!

9. We’re grateful

As we progress through this momentous, life-changing journey, we appreciate one another and recognize the blessings that flow our way. We feel grateful for everything that’s happening, and acknowledge the opportunity that life has presented us. At the Egg Asiancy, we’re always working to show our appreciation, and we feel blessed to work with both our prospective parents and Asiancy Angels.

10. We’ve got the love!

This process asks a lot of your heart. Sometimes, you’ll be so happy, you’ll burst into tears. At other times, you’ll feel overwhelmed, scared, daunted by the journey ahead. However, it’s only by giving 100% of our heart to the process that we’ll achieve our goals. Prospective parents – we admire your dedication and your fearless courage in the face of adversity. We also love that you’ll never give up, no matter what life throws at you. Asiancy Angels, we’re inspired by your selflessness, your passion and your hard work. Together, we’re in it to win it. So, what are we all waiting for? Let’s start making magic happen!