Everything First-Time Egg Donors Need to Know

Deciding to become an egg donor is a big step that you need to consider carefully. It’s essential that you undertake this experience well-prepared. The following guide will help you understand your position, rights, and obligations much better, so that … Continue reading

Interview with Lucy Torres: Author of The Taste of Broken

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A Few Words on the Stigma of Using Donor Gametes

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From Struggle to Triumph! Mae Hagan’s story

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Pros and Cons of Becoming an Egg Donor

  If you are a healthy woman aged between 21 and 31, you have a chance to become an egg donor. However, choosing to donate your eggs so that someone else has the chance to have a child is a … Continue reading

Fresh Eggs Vs. Frozen Eggs: Which Is Better?

Before discussing which is better to use, fresh donor eggs or frozen, we need to define the differences between them. This will help you understand not only which option offers better chances of having a baby but also why this … Continue reading

How to Tell Your Child You Used an Egg Donor

Many couples who have successfully given birth by using the assistance of an egg donor struggle with disclosing this information to even their closest friends and relatives. Telling your child is even harder. The following tips should help you do … Continue reading

How to ‘Embrace Your Now’ When Going through Egg Donation

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Is Egg Donation Right for Me? Defining Your Priorities

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Improving Your Fertility. Does Exercising Help?

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