Prospective Parents

image4Having a baby is a joyful experience, but for some of us, it’s not always an easy process. However, just by visiting our site, you’re taking that all-important first step – and we’re here to help you achieve your dreams of starting a family. That’s what we do!
There’s a lot of egg donor agencies out there, and knowing which one to choose can be tricky. We like to think we make things a little easier, as we’re one of the few agencies that recruits only Asian donors. That means less time spent trawling through databases, trying to find a match. Unlike other agencies, we also focus solely on egg donors, not surrogacy, which means our attention is 100% focused on your needs, 100% of the time. In fact, 110%, if we’re really firing on all cylinders – we like to give it our all!

Finding the Right Asian Egg Donor

You’ve got specific requirements. But that’s okay, we’ve got an extensive database of Asiancy Angels (our fabulous egg donors) who can meet your needs. You might be looking for a donor with a volleyball obsession, or one with freckles on her nose. You might be seeking someone who went to a certain school or achieved super-high test scores. It’s okay to have a firm idea of what you want from an egg donor – we vet each and every donor carefully to ensure they match your ideal.
We recruit donors with roots in all locations in Asia. We’ve got sports-lovers, chess players, beauty queens, natural comedians… in short, we’ve got ladies from all walks of life. Our Angels really are an amazing team, and they’re all here to help you.

Making it Happen

image5We think that Buddha puts it into better words than we ever could. He said: ‘What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.’
We’re here to help you think positive. It will happen. You can become parents. We’re here to help you feel motivated. By believing you will succeed, it’s that much more likely to happen! As a team, we’ll make sure you’re able to create the family you’ve always wanted.

Working With Your Needs

Most of our donors prefer to remain anonymous, which means you won’t know who they are, and they won’t know who you are. However, you may want to meet your donor before retrieval. Alternatively, you might want to have the option to meet them in the future. This is totally your choice, and we’ll work with you to determine what’s best for your family.
You can choose your own fertility clinic if you like, or alternatively, we can advise you on possible options, based on where your donor is located.
It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, single, in a couple, from the U.S. or from abroad. Wherever you are and whoever you may be – if you’ve got the love, dedication and passion to try for a baby, we’re here to help you. Let’s go for it!