Egg Donor Compensation

Egg Donor Compensation


When you become an Asiancy Angel, you’ll be helping someone else to complete their family, which is about the most amazing gift you can give another human being. However, the process can be challenging, which is why we offer you full compensation for your time, effort and dedication to the cause.

This amount can vary from case to case. If you’re one of our experienced Angels or if you’ve got exceptional qualities, you could receive more compensation. Click here to read inspirational ways to use your egg donor compensation. Click here to read more about egg donation and taxes.

Travel Expenses

Are you worried that you’ll be out of pocket, having to travel to clinics? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All your travel expenses are paid for, and this includes airfare, hotel stays, train or car journeys, and even $100 per diem towards meals and other incidental expenditure.

The prospective parents pay for all medical expenses, attorney fees and egg donor medical insurance, so rest assured, you won’t be paying out while you’re going through the process. You’re doing a great thing here, and The Egg Asiancy, plus the prospective parents, are focused on making sure you’re well looked after in return.