How to ‘Embrace Your Now’ When Going through Egg Donation

One of the hardest things to do when fighting infertility is to remember that life in itself is a magical gift and we must appreciate every moment of it. When struggling with this particular problem, time seems to fly by as you sink deeper in depression because the treatment has failed again.

At moments like this, many people find solace in dreaming of their future with a child and drive their motivation to continue fighting from the beautiful pictures in their mind. This is a great thing, but it may lead you into another ‘trap’ when you become so focused on the future of your dreams that you lose track of the present. In the meantime your life will continue to slip away and it’ll seem that days end before they can even begin.

Being too focused on the future can be as bad for your emotional, and by extension physical health as being crushed by the failures of the past. In the end, this attitude will only increase your stress, which will affect your chance of successful treatment. Therefore, the best thing you can do, is to learn how to ‘enjoy the moment’.

Living in the present is the key to being happy. Just look at small children who are always full of energy and wonder. Even if they face any problems, they are never down for long. This happens because they live completely in the present and know how to make most out of every moment of their lives.

This is the kind of ‘policy’ you should adopt when going through the egg donation process. This way, you will not spend all the time worrying about the egg donor and the procedure itself. Instead, you will be able to live a fuller life and make both your body and mind healthier, thus increasing your chances of successful pregnancy.

The following methods can help you learn to ‘live in the now’ and enjoy it:

Pay attention to the world around you.
People have a habit of getting too absorbed in their problems and they simply stop noticing the details that make the life so wonderful. For example, when was the last time you look outside the window and took a moment to simply enjoy the view? When did you take time to actually taste your morning cup of coffee and feel the rich aroma waking your senses? It’s little things like this that make our lives truly magical and if you take time to notice them, you’ll see a silver lining even during the darkest storm.
Announce a tech-free day.
There is no denying the fact that the Internet, social media, and technology in general make our lives much more comfortable. However, being too absorbed into the tech world can be stressful. The vast majority of people don’t even notice how much time they spend surfing and chatting through social networks and how they react to every ‘ping’ staying alert for any new incoming messages.Make one of your days off a tech-free day and you’ll see that enjoying the details of the world around you will get much easier.
Start a gratitude journal.
Writing a journal is a great practice that can help you cope with even the biggest challenges in life. Any counselor will advise you to start diarizing when you are going through infertility.
A gratitude journal is no ordinary diary where you recount the events of your day. Its purpose is to help you rediscover how to appreciate life. Write down every thing you are grateful for and soon you’ll see that the world is full of great things.

Learn how to enjoy every task.
As adults, we know that sometimes we must do things we don’t like. However, in many cases, you have the power to make them more enjoyable. For example, call a friend and chat while you are cleaning or waiting in line somewhere. Put on headphones and listen to an interesting audiobook when weeding or doing the laundry.
Change your environment if you can’t change the job you have to do, and the task itself will become more pleasant.

Egg donation is stressful as you will need to spend months waiting for the treatment to bear fruit, but you can make this experience more enjoyable if you learn to live in the moment. Appreciate every second of your life and soon you’ll be teaching your child to do the same.