Improving Your Fertility. Does Exercising Help?

Do you want to have a baby? You are not alone. Every year a number of women will try different techniques for improving their fertility. One technique that has received mixed reviews is exercise. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that exercise helps people to stay fit and healthy. But can it help improve your fertility level as well?

Exercise & Fertility

Simply put, exercise can improve your fertility. However, for maximum benefit, you will want to emphasize a particular type of exercise, while avoiding other types of exercises that can reduce fertility.

The types of exercise that you will want to avoid when trying to get pregnant are intense and moderately intense exercise. While core strengthening exercises are good for losing weight and strengthening the body. Studies have shown these types of exercises, coupled with an intense workout can reduce ovulation and fertility rates. Which is obviously something you don’t want to happen, if you are trying to get pregnant.

Instead, performing constant low-mid intensity workouts has been proven to show benefits. A lot of research, including studies in Norway, has helped to back these findings. They looked at results conducted from a 2 year longitudinal study, which showed the risk of infertility remained low among those who exercised at a consistent, non-super strenuous pace.

Reversing The Impact On Fertility

If you do not exercise at all, then here is your chance to improve your odds of fertility. You will see a positive benefit from exercising a small-medium amount, 3 to 4 times a week. If you are already exercising at a moderate or less amount, then you are most likely fine. If you have been exercising at a strenuous or intense pace, then you can improve your chances of fertility by dropping the intensity of your workouts. Doing so will gradually improve your fertility over the course of a few months.

Exercises You Can Do

Interested in some exercise ideas to improve your health and rate of fertility? Then you are in luck, It is easy and you have a lot of options to pick from. Common things women do include going for a brisk walk 3-4 times a week for up to an hour, doing 2-3 1 hour long yoga sessions per week, taking part in dancing, zumba, aerobics, or other activities like NIa, going for leisurely bike rides, light jogging and swimming. Be sure to stay away from anything too extreme, including long distance running, weight lifting machines at the gym or similar strenuous sports.

Be aware that if you are going through medical fertility treatments, then you might be dealing with an even wider range of potential problems regarding exercise. The best thing you can do is ask your doctor about what you should avoid in order to get a clear sense of what is good and what is bad in regards to your fertility. In either case, best of luck in finding an exercise that works to keep you healthy and improve your chances of conceiving a child.